Saturday, March 31, 2012

F*&%#$g Trippy

F*&%#$g Trippy  One of many future posts to links from my latest upcoming Electronic Music Demo
"Red Eyes and Dark Nights" by SevenSinsProject

Friday, February 17, 2012

Devil, a poem

 This is my adaptation of "God, a poem" by James Fenton.

Weaponized metal spits fire
A conscious animal kills
Rhetoric behind a smile
Deceiving in its appeal

All we have is each other; it’s only here and now
You won’t be meeting the devil
Your God won’t be in town
We're only decomposing memories
Alive or underground

Some say; ‘The Devil made me do it’
Though we are but selfish mammals
Ignorant others yell ‘Prove it!’
We are not related to camels!

Though were you to meet him he’d tell you
Sorry you must be confused
I guess I’m the one to tell you that
It’s always just been you

I wasn’t around for Hitler
Wasn’t around for Manson
And there’s no external torture for those who God has branded

The things you attribute to God are very strange indeed
Blood and floods and “miracles” were 1 lives out of 17
Why again does God needs me?
Or better yet, why do you need God
If he’s just the same as me?

Your weaponized metal spits fire
You’re a conscious animal that kills
Your rhetoric behind a smile
Is deceiving in its appeal

All you have is each other; it’s only here and now
You won’t be meeting the devil
Your God won’t be in town
We’re only decomposing memories
Alive or underground




AfternoonDelight: Anchorman (SevenSinsProject Remix)

AfternoonDelight: Anchorman (SevenSinsProject Remix)

One of my first attempts at Dubstep style.

Ahead of humanity

Ahead of humanity A rough draft composition of my first song written with Ryan Porter. Via

Throats and Notes and Copper Strings

Throats and notes and copper strings
Thoughts so cool, a dark disguise
Red to bruise to sting the eyes
Black to blush the cheeks of God
Liquid life a bludgeoned pawn
Empty laps with forgotten flaws

Soft they walk and true they stay
To cut a cloud and swipe a blade
Make haste and sweet to taste it is
Frogs and swine and terraces
To curve the block and rid the ghost
Of Plants and men with germs in boats

To tough to curve their hearts for fun
The city it stops what hasn't begun
The slag won't drop onto their knees
For rocks with growth around the sun
Machines with colors no longer nimble
Rid this rock of disasters.